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Dunston Diary


Lodge of Industry No. 48  4th Monday   7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov
Ravensworth Lodge No. 2674 2nd Friday 7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar May Sep Oct  Nov
Shipcote Lodge No. 3626 3rd Wednesday 7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Sep Oct Nov
Gateshead Fell Lodge No. 4349 3rd Tuesday 7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Sep Oct Nov Dec
St Mary's Lodge No. 4864 1st Friday 6.45pm  Feb Mar Apr May Jun Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bewick Lodge No. 5988 1st Wednesday 6.45pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Sep Oct Nov Dec
Saint Edmund's Lodge No. 7377 2nd Monday 7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Sep Oct Nov Dec
Beaconsfield Lodge No. 7768 1st Tuesday 6.45pm  Feb Apr Jul Nov
De Burghi Chapter No. 424 4th Wednesday 7.00pm  Jan Feb Mar Apr Sep Oct Nov
Minerva Chapter of Industry N0.3385 4th  Thursday 7.00pm  Jan Mar May Oct
Industry Mark No. 293 1st Monday 7.00pm  Feb Mar Apr Oct Nov Dec
Clavering  Mariners No. 896 4th Thursday 7.00pm  Feb Apr Jun Aug
Monument  Mariners No. 1055 1st Tuesday 10.30am  May Sep Dec
De Umfraville Preceptory No. 339 4th Tuesday 7.00pm  Jan  Mar (Malta)  May Sep
Derwentwater Rose Croix No. 326 3rd Friday 6.45pm  Feb May Oct
Prince Palatine Chapter No. 1149   10.30am  1st Tuesday June - 3rd Friday Nov
Conclave of Friendship OSM No. 241 2012 7.00pm  5th Wednesday Jan May - 5th Monday April Sep
Finchale Council AMD No. 44 3rd Saturday 11.00am  Jan Apr Oct
Athelstan-Court of East and West 67   6.00 pm   4th Mon Jan - 3rd Fri Apr - 4th Mon Sept
Bishop Aethelric Lodge No 16. 3rd Wednesday 10.30am   April  September
Novocastrianus Council No.107 2nd Monday 11.00am   Jan Mar Jun Sep
Fellside Chapter Eastern Star 2nd Tuesday 6.30pm   Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Sep Oct Nov Dec